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6 Ounce Glass Jar Candle with Wooden Lid

6 Ounce Glass Jar Candle with Wooden Lid

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All of our candles are hand poured using high-quality, non-toxic, 100% Soy wax along with an organic wick. This 6-ounce candle container is of the highest quality and will provide you with approximately 30 hours of fragrant beauty!

Customize your fragrance:

  • Black Ice - Similar to the popular car air freshener fragrance.
  • Cactus Flower and Jade: Sweet agave, fresh leaves, and patchouli create this earthy scent.
  • Champagne Toast: Reminiscent of a freshly uncorked bottle of quality champagne with a hint of rose.
  • Cool Water: Smells exactly like the popular men's fragrance.
  • Gain: Modeled after the clean scent of laundry detergent.
  • Gardenia: Modeled after the flower as it blooms.
  • Georgia Peach: Smells like a freshly picked peach.
  • Grapefruit and Mangosteen: Floral and citrus scent with a hint of peach.
  • Hawaiian Ginger: Tropical and floral scent.
  • Hydrangea: The floral fragrance that you love!
  • Lemon: A crisp and clean fragrance.
  • Love Spell: Floral, fruity fragrance popularized by a major women's lingerie establishment.
  • Pomegranate Lemonade: Exactly as described!
  • Rose Petals: Beautiful fragrance of fresh roses.
  • Rueberries & Sugared Lemons: Sweet, citrus smell with a hint of vanilla.
  • Shalimar: Modeled after the top-selling perfume.

Fall/Holiday Scents:

  • Candy Cane: Perfect to spray on your holiday items.
  • Into the Night: Crisp and snowy-like scent.
  • Leaves: A fun blend of spiced red apple and fresh nectar.
  • Pumpkin Pecan Waffles: Smells exactly like the fragrance name.
  • Winter: Reminiscent of a fresh snow and crisp air.

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